Castilla La Mancha, and more specifically Albacete, is the zone of Spain where photovoltaic solar energy has been more developed. And is precisely here where DYN ENERGIA has settled its Central Technical Office of Engineering and Control Center for the operation and maintenance of projects that its customers trust to them. For more than 8 years DYN ENERGIA technical and management team designs, operates and maintains wind and photovoltaic projects, both small and big energy.

There are many citizens who bet on renewable as a business, although the owners of these solar plants have faced technical and administrative problems completely new to them. DYN ENERGIA solves these problems based on volume and experience in this sector.

DYN ENERGIA director, Francisco Belmonte, says that these industrial installations «require maintenance to be fully operational, as a decrease in production is only detected in time if there is a technician watching over the installation 365 days a year. Facilities performance calculations are made taking into account the continuous and uninterrupted operation of them, when an installation without maintenance fails or decreases its performance, the owner will realize this at a later time, when seeing the energy bill of sale a month later. The lost production will not be recovered».

The Clients

Amongst its clients are professionals and business owners with an industrial unit whose roof is covered with solar panels. DYN ENERGÍA also provides its services to farm workers who have set a solar farm, as well as municipalities and neighborhood associations. Suddenly turned into photovoltaic developers, producers and energy sellers, and not without problems and worries, they find in DYN ENERGÍA the administrative and technical support to maintain their installations fully functional at a very low cost, thanks to the large volume DYN ENERGÍA has.

Maintenance/ The team

The technical team carries out a corrective and preventive maintenance of the installation which solves problems when needed. Belmonte highlighted that the owner of a solar photovoltaic installation can ensure maximum efficiency of his installation thanks to work which evaluates if it is well designed and built, while verifying if its monitoring system is operational and finally being responsible for operating and keeping the plant fully functional 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Sometimes a failure disconnects it from the network, something that will not be unnoticed by the technical team of DYN with their modern telemetry and control systems, which detects the problems in real time, providing immediate solution.