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Prevention, Safety and Environment


The Occupational Hazards Management System of our company has been designed keeping in mind the professionalism and accountability of DYN ENERGIA workers and the activities conducted, mainly: technical office work and construction management in and outside Spain, design and maintenance of energy projects, lines and electrical distributions components, integral maintenance of energy production projects and insdustrial facilities, etc. The Directorate leads and enforces the Occupational Risks system to comply with current legislation and specific DYN ENERGÍA internal procedures and its specialized contractors.
The Directorate established and defined aims are as follows:
1.- Implement rigorously the Occupational Risk Prevention Policy.
1.1 Identification, assessment and effective control of risks associated to working in order to minimize accidents and occupational diseases.
1.2 Fitness between the employee and his job through monitoring their health.
1.3 Planning of preventive actions including the necessary prevention and protection, continuous monitoring of their effectiveness and efficiency.
1.4 Training of employees in the prevention of occupational hazards.
2.- Collect the criteria of our Occupational Risks management system, integrating them into the company’s activity and all levels, promoting the prevention culture through education and training of workers, as well as coordinating activities with our customers and our specialist contractors.
3.- Review periodically the Occupational Risks system in order to ensure the maintenance and continuous improvement of the prevention system, setting objectives and targets, which will be reviewed periodically as this policy.
DYN ENERGIA Directorate, understands that the prevention of Occupational Risks is up to each and every one of the workers and specialized contractors of our organization.