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Solar Power

Conjunto de celdas


The main activity of DYN Energía has been developed in this field, making installations according to the customer needs, from isolated installations to 280 MW solar farms for pouring energy to the grid. Not only the processing, design and commissioning of the facilities is done, but the management and maintenance is also done throughout its lifespan.

Residential thermal solar. The best solution if you want to reduce the domestic fuel consumption in a simple and effective way. Heating water with the free energy from the sun contributes significantly to reduce heat generation costs for heating and domestic hot water (DHW), and could also be used for cooling during summer months using an absortion machine.

Industrial thermo solar. By installing large areas of special solar collectors, we can achieve high temperatures, with the heat captured a steam machine that generates electricity is moved. By installing heat reservoirs we can get uninterrupted power generation.

The services offered in this activity area:

  • Technical and economical feasibility studies.
    • Modules technology.
    • Inverter election.
    • Fixed structure or solar tracking (1 or 2 axis).
  • Solar plants promotion.
  • Search and concession bargaining.
  • Suitable land searching.
  • Preparation of documentation for administrations.
  • Management of cases against the government.
  • Basic and execution engineering of plant.
  • Technical assistance in the purchase of equipment and bid analysis.
  • Supervision of plants.
  • Operation and maintenance management of plants.
  • Cleaning and repair services of facilities.
  • Due Dilligence, Audits y Experts.