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Wind Power

PE Pozocañada

Wind farms. These facilities consist of high power wind turbines in order to pour the energy produced to the grid.
Each turbine can reach a nominal capacity of 2.5M, so wind farms are high power installations.In an isolated installation it can be combined with photovoltaic panels for greater autonomy of the installation.

Mini Wind and Wind medium power. By using small wind turbines we can power the devices of an isolated installation, avoiding connection to the grid.

The services offered on this activity area:

  • Studies of technical and economic feasibility of wind farms.
    • Wind measurements.
    • Wind turbine to be used.
    • Evacuation infrastructure.
  • Search and megociation of concessions.
  • Preparation of documentation for administrations.
  • Management of cases against the government.
  • Basic and execution engineering of wind farms.
  • Technical assistance in the purchase of equipment and bid analysis.
  • Construction supervision.
  • Project managing.
  • Operation and maintenance management of wind farms.